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Anthony - Master of the Martial Arts

Don't call him Grasshopper! Anthony has already mastered the first ten levels within the Dragon Dojo of the PreSchool Serpent. His reflexes are legendary in their speed and accuracy. The power behind his fists is enough to break any industrial strength reinforced plastic toy. He even mastered the ancient technique of Chinese Lip Syncing. To hear his Boss Laugh is to know fear. Anthony's senses have been honed to the point of being able to hear the word 'candy' whispered umongst the mightest roars of a thousand tigers. And no one can defend against his most feared attack: the Flying Frog Claw. Evil beware!

UPDATED 9/1/12: Anthony had a trial test at the local martial arts school and they said he did well and approved him to start if he wanted at the age of 3+. He has since done well and has already graduated up from beginner white belt, to yellow stripe, to orange stripe, and he's now on his blue stripe belt. He (and Daddy) are very proud. It gets harder from here, so we'll see how he does.

The name of Anthony's dojo is Mt Tam Martial Arts. It's run by a couple of nice guys with a lot of pateince. Below are a handful of pictures and videos from the first day of training to present. As Anthony improves to black belt status you can track his progress here with more pictures, videos and updates to come.





2012-06-07: Graduating from orange striped belt to blue striped belt

2011-08-11: First day of class

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