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Anthony is now in kindergarten. (yeah, I know. Time flies.) Technically its called PreK/K. It's a program put in place to handle kids that have birthdays after the cut off day. If after this year Anthony measures up to all criteria, then he gets to go to 1st grade a bit ahead of his actual age category. If not, he stays in the program for just one more year putting him with his exact age group. So far he's doing VERY well. There are 4 kinder classes at his school each with about 22 kids. There's one main teacher, one dedicated assistant, and usually one volunteer in each class.

Transitioning to kindergarten was a breeze. Anthony loves it. He has two friends from his last pre-school in his class and another in a different class. So that made things a lot easier for all of them. He is starting to make new friends too. Anthony does his homework (yes, homework) every night and is thrilled to have the power to sign out books from the library. :) I've been inundated with mounds of school paper work (red tape) and even more fliers and notices of rules, events, policies, etc etc. The difference from pre-school is night and day. Below are pictures and other do-dads documenting his schoolastic journey.

Intro to Kindergarten

2012-05-24: Open School Night. A chance to visit his future class room and meet his potential teachers. We met up with Anthony's friend, Dillon, from his pre-school.


2012-08-21: On campus returing paperwork and decided to stop by Anthony's future class room. We got his room assignment just the day before.

2012-08-22: Opening Day. Short day. Parents get to hang with the kids all day, meet the teacher, listen to principle speaches in the gym etc etc. Here's Anthony playing with Jack (i think) one of his new classmates.

2012-08-22: Anthony's kindergarten teacher Mrs. Bruton.

2012-08-22: The Kinder Playground. Fully fenced in with a Kinder-Garden behind me for the kids to learn about growing plants. (I lost the garden photos)

First Day of Kindergarten!!!

2012-08-23: Parents got to stay for the first 10 minutes of the first real day and listen to a story from the teacher.


2012-08-23: First day ....done. He was so tired. He said his head was on overload.

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