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Anthony's Soccer Career

Soccer. It's the most popular sport that kids get enrolled in at these ages. ....and Anthony loves it. He gets to run around, kick things and show off... which is about perfect for him. The class is one day a week for about an hour at a local park. Anthony was 2 yrs old when I brought him out to the park to play with a soccer ball for the first time. Here's the video of that day Since then he's done so well. The organization that runs the children's leagues in the area is called SoccerKids and you can reach their web site here:

UPDATED 2012-09-08: Anthony is about to start the fall season, but this time with the bigger 5-6 yr olds. The coach thinks he'll do fine and still might be one of the better players.

Statistics: Every sports buff/player needs his/her stats. It's what makes the game/player immortal. Below are Anthony's stats since the first of this year. The pink color denotes lowest value in that column, while green shows the highest to better see his highs and lows. What's key here is his goal percentage: not bad at all. As Anthony improves to world class status you can track his progress here with more stats, pictures, videos and updates to come.

2012 Statistics

2012 Season (indoors & outdoors)



2012-07-13: Kicking the ball for a goal past one of the coaches (a semi-pro player)





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