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Anthony - The Musician

Move over Mozart! Step aside Mr Hendrix. ....Anthony's musical prowess is about to take the world by storm. He's played to screaming crowds of kids who adore him. He has impressed heads of state and kings with his style. Anthony's playing surely can soothe any savage beast. His avant garde performances in London and Madrid were among his finest. Anthony is truly a renaissance boy.

UPDATED Sept 3, 2012: Anthony's last music class was in May. We stopped, because he became the only boy in the class. The girls really did segregate him out. Every time the kids were told the dance the girls would make a circle and not Anthony in. The other mom's did their best, but Anthony got a bad taste. Now that he is in kindergarten he will be enrolled in a music class more in his area, and associated with the school. Stay tuned.

All classes provided by Music Makers. Click here to see some of the lesson materials. Below are pictures and videos from the first day of class to present. Check back here to track his progress with more pictures, videos and updates to come.



2012-02-28: At the end of each class the kids sign Do-Re-Mi to open the magic box and get a sticker.

2011-09-22: First day of class

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