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Anthony the Swimmer

Swimming is a favorite pass time around here. Thankfully we live in an area that provides easy year round swimming. There is an outdoor pool around the corner from our house as well as two indoor pools (heated and with hot tubs) down the freeway a bit. It's about 10 bucks for me and Anthony to go there all day long. The facilities are clean and the people that go there are all clean and nice. (thank god)

UPDATED 2012-09-08: Anthony is doing remarkably well given no formal swim lessons. At nearly 5 years old he can hold his breadth for a very long time, goes under water with ease, can tread water for minutes, does great cannon balls, and dive down to 10' to retreive toys and Daddy's dropped glasses. He even passed the 25 yard swim test at one of the local pools. Daddy loves swimming, because its a sure fire way to tucker Anthony out. :)

Below are pictures from some of our swimming days.

2012-08-25: On this day we went to a poolside birthday party where Anthony decided he wanted to go down the water slide. In order to do so you need to pass a swim test of swimming 25 yards without stopping or touching the sides or bottom. Anthony did it. And you see him here sporting his swim test approved bracelet. They have his name in a book, so next time there's no need to test again. He was so proud (so was I).

2012-04-22: On those odd days when its too dang hot to want to be at the pool with the crowd we set up what we like to call "White Trash Water Park". Anthony shall demonstrate in this short video.









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